Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Moved in

So finally, after over two weeks, my stuff arrived today. I took the whole day to build my bed frame. For those of you who have never had to build Ikea furniture, it's difficult enough to do with their recommended two person system, doing it by yourself, especially a queen sized bed... no fun at all. But, I did it so this is my first post since arriving in Maine not written uncomfortably on the floor. That's really about all I did, though, so tomorrow is going to be one long day of unpacking. I'm really going to have to take a trip to the trash place this week.

There's something I want to address about New England that I've noticed ever since I got into Massachusetts. People are constantly smoking at gas stations here. There's a gas station across the street from my building and I walk past it two or three times a day and every time there are two or three people smoking.Actually, people hang out at that particular station a lot. Not sure exactly why, I think hunters meet up there before heading off... or maybe it's just the best available spot to gather around here. Anyway, it's not the only place. Every time I've gotten gas in New England, from driving through to filling up here in town, people are smoking. Put that on the list with driving fast, thinking Dunkin' Donuts coffee is good, and not knowing what a chile relleno is.

I really miss chile rellenos. If there was one thing that I am desperate for from back in Sacramento it's chile rellenos. In Sac if I ever felt the desire for a chile relleno I'd just go down the street to the nearby taqueria and get one. Or, if I wanted a much more expensive, but heart-stoppingly good chile relleno we had a restaurant for that as well. I don't think there is a place closer then New York City where I could get a chile relleno. Maybe Boston... maybe.

So I finally broke down and got food from a restaurant tonight. There was just no way, after spending all day building my bed and doing more general unpacking, that I had the time or energy to cook for myself. I got pizza from this place called Fat Cat which is surprisingly far away from me, and by far away I mean probably a 15 minute walk. Still, since every single other thing in town is within, like, a five minute walk of me, Fat Cat is a bit of a shlep. Pizza was actually quite good, made far better by the box of hot sauce that came with my shipment today. Still, I don't want to eat out much, I like being able to cook my own food all the time. Now that all my kitchen stuff and spices are here my meals will be even better.

Well, time to remind myself what sleeping in a bed is like.


  1. Hi, You Mom's strange friend here.

    I know for a fact that Chilli Relleños are available in Brunswick at El Camino Restaurant, but it is more Tex Mex than Bayliss's Oaxacan. Portland now has several good places. Points north, yeah it's going to be slim pickings: http://www.urbanspoon.com/f/207/21824/Maine/Mexican-Restaurants
    We do have a taqueria now! in South Portland. It is fair with factory made tortillas.

    Why aren't you studying to be a chef? If I had your interest in food and despair at the lack, I would be at the CIA in Poughkeepsie NY and not anywhere near Machias.

    I am sorry you are so unhappy in Maine. I feel partly at fault since gave info to your MOm about it. I hope you will give it a chance if for no other reason than to assuage my guilt. You are in a small, remote and rural place but I hope you will find something about the state that is pleasant. Eventually.

    But if you are that displeased it is going to be a long winter. Shit, it will be a long winter anyway. There aren't many of us who love short days, shoveling, or being really cold.
    In spring, which we call the mud season, you're going to have black flies, horse flies, ticks galore, and the state bird: mosquitoes. Then we have summer or as it is referred to, Road Construction, and the added biting insect, no-see-ums. That comes with a hefty dose of "people from away," or tourists, also known as Canadians.

    What's good about Maine? Well, people can let their children play outside without worrying too much that they will be kidnapped. That has changed some, but, in general most violence is domestic or addiction related.

    There are only two restaurants I know of where you have to get dressed up. Even then, jeans and a sports jacket are considered passable. It is an unassuming state even in the well off places.

    As your mom said via email it is like Montana. I prefer Maine to Montana. However poverty is huge and we rank way up there in children in poverty. We also have a large smoking population and a lot of obesity.

    I generally find that people driving too slow is more of an issue than speeders.

    Glad your furniture came.

    You can drink the water, walk on the beach, and be among the first people in the country to see the sun come up each day. If you email the governor, chances are s/he will email you back(although I don't know about LePage, Baldacci was cool). There are few other places I would want to live, where I could afford to live as we do, happily.

    If you need anything you know where I am.

  2. The Fat Cat deli used to be right next to the gas station by the falls and bridge. (Not sure if anyone has moved in that space yet.) I think they said they moved because of the lack of parking. Not sure if they still do deliveries, but I know they did when they were downtown.

    Food at the galley on campus is really good. I used to go there all the time before I dropped out. The Chinese place in town tastes good but might make you sick. Blue Bird and Helen's are very good, though I prefer the Blue Bird.

    As for smokers (and the general culture up here), it's pretty common. You'll also note that a lot of people drink and/or smoke pot. I've been in Maine for about 5 years now, and I still pretty much feel like an outsider, but in a good way. (I live a few towns west of Machias.) I think the highlight of the Machias community and culture is the Blueberry Festival in August. You'll be lucky since you live downtown; it's centered in that area, and parking is a pain.

    I just found your blog via someone else's blog (http://www.pennyromance.com/) on the sidebar, so I haven't read through your archives. Hope you're enjoying UMM by now. Spring will be really amazing. The grass is incredibly green, like Technicolor.