Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Natural tendencies

I saw a bald eagle this morning while walking the dog. It is the best wildlife moment I've had so far. I've seen deer, plenty of deer, but I've seen deer in the wild plenty of times. Even in Sacramento they were practically in my back yard (along with an extended, multi-generational skunk family). I'm not sure I've ever seen a bald eagle in the wild. I know I've seen them in captivity, or recuperating at a rehab facility, but not flying across a river as I walk past with my dog. I may have seen a wild one on the Alaskan cruise I took, or the few times I went to Yellowstone... I really can't remember.

Obviously Maine has a lot of wildlife. Some of the animals that I know are here include; badgers, wolverines, skunks, racoons (saw a dead one already, roadkill), porcupines, beavers, a bunch of weasel types, and of course, moose and (flying) squirrel. Other then the many deer and the eagle the only other thing of significance that I've seen is maybe a wolverine. I don't know what it was because I only caught the last quarter of it as it crawled into the brush. It was very low to the ground, the tail was dragging, and it had greasy thick black fur. Honestly, it may have just been a huge cat, I caught the briefest hint of it, without knowing for sure I can't really call it a wildlife experience.

I did see some huge tadpoles today at the school pond. I wonder if this warm weather has fooled them into hatching early or if it's common to get tadpoles just before everything freezes over? I think I heard, many moons ago, that tadpoles can sort of hibernate. Or maybe they'll fast track it to frogs, which i know hibernate, before the pond turns to ice.

If I may be allowed off topic for a moment there was a question that came to me tonight. Which has done more to advance the market of the other; milk for Oreos, or Oreos for milk?Discusss amongst yourselves.


  1. Hey Dan,

    Finally got some free time to read the blog. I must say i really enjoyed your posts so far. You give great historical aspect to the surrounding areas in which you live and provide the reader with a detailed understanding of Maine's environmental diversity. Finally, the pictures also were a nice addition. Keep em' coming! It was amazing that Greg showed up for hockey the day after dropping you off and provided me a first hand account of the tireless journey to the East Coast. Glad to hear your starting to finally settle in and explore a bit. Bet your itching to play hockey and I imagine the ponds will start to freeze sometime by mid December.

    I'll get your address and make sure to send you out a Sacto-floor hockey hat once they are made in the coming month or so. Fall has arrived and of course the attendance is peaking (19 players last night) and three games played. Not the same without live Vancouver Canuck scores. Of course I didn't need to be reminded of last Sundays game anyhow. ha Keep your head up!!

  2. I remember the first time I saw a bald eagle in the wild....when I was living in Vermont. It looked freakin' huge....I could not believe how wide the wingspan was on that bird.

    As to the all-important question....Oreos for milk. My kids get pissed off if I serve them any chocolate products without milk.

    Glad you're enjoying Maine! :^)

  3. Oreos do more for milk than milk does for Oreos. Just my opinion. I'm pretty sure we saw bald eagles in Alaska when we went kayaking.
    Nice. Watch out for badgers and wolverines. They are nasty.

  4. I saw one on the side of the road near here. Turned out he was injured and was captured and rehabbed at the local Audubon. We have Goldens here. And many turkeys.

    Your mom is right about that and porcupines are a bad mix with dogs. Fisher cats are more likely than wolverines. Lots of foxes and racoons.