Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thoughts on Maine

As I continue to pack for my fast approaching move here are some things that have stuck in my mind about the state that is soon to be my home:

  • Maine's current slogan is "Vacationland" which is kind of weird to see as a person living in California. This state sees millions of tourists arrive every year from all over the world. I believe, and I could certainly be wrong, Maine's tourism is mostly a few thousand people from the Mid-Atlantic and southern New England who come up and spend a couple of weeks to a couple of months in summer homes. I don't think there is a great deal of international, or even cross-coastal tourism in Maine. Maybe a better slogan would be "Summerland".
  • The number one thing people seem to be afraid of in eastern Maine is Moose, and I can certainly understand why. The first problem they pose is that their knees are right at car grill height so should you hit one you'll immediately get five tons of meat through your windshield and right into your lap. Second, they will charge you for looking at them wrong, especially during mating season, which will result in something very similar to hitting them with your car except for the dead moose part. Alone I don't think I'll have much to worry about, I can stay clear of a moose without much difficulty. Unfortunately I have a dog who thinks it's a good idea to charge after anything with legs. Around here she chases deer, coyote, horses, rabbits, skunks, ducks, geese, squirrels... if she sees a moose she'll be after it before realizing it could kill her with a breath. Then it becomes my problem because she'll either be off leash and I'll have to jump in and save her ass, or she'll be on leash and the moose will figure that we are one entity that needs to be taught a lesson by gorging. I think there are bears too, but no one seems to worried about them, probably cause the moose keep killing them.
  • I'm really looking forward to hockey. The pond on campus freezes and I'm told that hockey games are played on it. There is also a very slow moving river that might freeze over, but it's also in a kind of delta so maybe the influence of the tides won't allow it. Anyway, I wonder if the games are casual or if everyone is in full padding. It's too bad the school doesn't have a team, not that I would play for it (though I'd certainly try out) but at least I could follow it, root for it, wear school jerseys, etc.
  • I got snow boots the other day. When I was trying them on I had them on the wrong feet and they were so insulated and cushioned that I didn't even notice. I wonder if people will look at me in my gigantic city-boy-out-of-his-element boots and find it humorous. Probably everyone else will have even bigger boots and I'll be pissed cause mine aren't keeping the snow out.
  • I kind of want to start a cooking group, some thing where I can teach people how to make some of the great foods I've had in California that probably haven't made it to Machias yet. Things like authentic Mexican food, Middle Eastern fare, Indian food. I wonder if my landlord/health food store owner could use that idea to increase her business?
  • I really want to go around with a shovel and ask people if they'll let me dig in their yards. There's got to be a ton of awesome stuff buried around town. Hell, this place is barely past the garbage pit stage of trash removal. Maybe I can find a house that's seasonally occupied, dig it all up, and then restore it before vacation season hits.
So there you go, random things running through my head. Mostly my time is taken up with "How can I fit all this junk in a box?" or, "Do I need this, do I throw this away, or do I give this away?", or even "When the hell is Cody gonna call me back so I know he can come with me on the 20th?" so those of you with Cody's phone number, you need to call him and tell him to get a hold of me cause he hasn't called me back in a couple of weeks.

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  1. 1. There is a university there so some people probably are familiar with Mexican and Indian.
    2. There isn't that much cool stuff buried.
    3. Tourists, wait until summer then try to get a room in Bah Habah. Or take a drive thru Wiscasset. And, many of out tourists are Canadian and head to Old Orchard Beach (Canadian Riviera). Tourism is one of our biggest industries.
    4 If you are going to unavoidably hit a moose aim or the end and not the middle..